Sunday Messages

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March Messages:

  • March 5: Healing Part 5: “Think Of Others And Serve Them”                 Rev. John Strickland
  • March 12: “Declare Your Intentions!”                                                               Guest Speaker, Brenda Strickland
  • March 19: Healing Part 6: “Bathe Yourself In Sabbath For Healing”                   Rev. John Strickland
  • March 26: “Kahlil Gibran on Friendship”                                                                      Rev. John Strickland

For a summary of previous messages, click the date:

01-22: Try Again

01-29: Summary not available

02-05: Prelude to Healing Series: Why Do You Want to be Well?

02-12: Healing Part 2:  No Sick Atoms, Just Conflict Among Them

02-19: Healing Part 3: The Kernel of Healing Truth

02-26: Healing Part 4: Walk the Talk

03-05: Healing Part 5: To Be Healed, Think of Others and Serve Them

03-12: Summary not available

03-19: Healing part 6: Bathe Yourself in Sabbath to be Healed

03-27: Kahlil Gibran on Friendship