Sunday Messages

For your convenience, we’ve listed our upcoming message titles and previous message summaries. 

*All messages by Rev. John Strickland, unless otherwise noted* 

*Please note: Rev. Jennifer Sacks’ first Sunday is November 5                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

September Messages

  • September 3: “A Labor Of Love”
  • September 10: “Re-looking at Stoof: What I’ve Learned”
  • September 17: “Discover Your Power”
  • September 24: “Many Blessings” **Rev. John’s Farewell Message**

October Messages

  • October 1: ” Practicing the Presence” | Michael Wilkinson, Guest Speaker
  • October 8: Rev. Dr. Rocco Errico, Guest Speaker
  • October 15: Imam Plemon El-Amin, Guest Speaker
  • October 22: Bishop Dr. Barbara King, Guest Speaker
  • October 29: “Everyday Saviors” | Rev. Steve Bolen, Guest Speaker

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07-16: The 100% Solution

07-23: Once Upon A Time – Summary not available. Check out the podcast

07-30: The Divine Dance – Summary not available. Check out the podcast

08-06: Defeat Your Monkey Mind

08-13: God Bless Oblige

08-20: Leo Virgo’s Truths

08-27: How To Be Well

09-03: A Labor Of Love

09-10: Relooking At Stoof: What I’ve Learned