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A positive path for spiritual living

Sunday Service 11:00 AM - In Person and Live Streamed
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Unity Atlanta Church Youth and Family Ministry (YFM)

Dedicated to promoting life-long qualities that support a child’s spiritual and emotional development, as well as create a foundation for mindful living!

Our Focus:
to remind our youth that God is within us, around us, and everywhere present… and that we are loved unconditionally—no matter who we are, or who we love.

Our Purpose:
to support parents seeking a practical approach to spiritual concepts and mindfulness for their children, as well as themselves.

Our mission:
to provide our children with a safe, nurturing, loving sacred space, while learning and applying spiritual principles that can be used in everyday interactions. Teachings are presented from a practical viewpoint that encourages one to expand their existing understanding of their own God experience.

Our teachings empower the youth to live to their Divine Potential.



Youth Education Wing is Open for Sunday School

Youth Sunday School is held each Sunday at 11:00am for ages 5-18.
Nursery service available 10:00am-12:30pm
Masks are now optional throughout the building.

Nursery service:  10:00am-12:30pm
Youth Lounge:  10:00am-10:50am
Sunday School:  11:00am-12:00pm.

September Sunday School

Join us in September as we explore and connect with The Council of All Beings created by Joanna Macy.

The Council of All Beings aims to heighten awareness of our interdependence in the living body of Earth, and to strengthen our commitment to defend it. 

September 4th:  YFM Wing
September 11th: YFM Wing
September 18th:  Main Sanctuary–Bridge of Faith Service
September 25th:   Main Sanctuary–Council of All Beings Service

Unikids (For Ages 5-10)

UNI-Kids is our elementary school group for grades 6th-8th. They meet with their YFM teacher each week with a focus on:

Basic Unity Principles and Metaphysical Teachings

  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Biblical Readings
  • Uplifting Songs
  • Crafts and Connection Activities

Uniteen  (For Ages 11-13)

UNI-Teen is our middle school teen group for grades 6th-8th. They meet with their youth Sponsor each week to explore:

Unity Principles • Metaphysical Teachings • Spiritual Leadership Development

  • Biblical Readings
  • Prayer and Meditation
  • Opportunities to serve the community
  • Development of spiritual leadership skills
  • Weekend Retreats and Outings

2022 Uniteen Fall Retreat – My Thoughts Are Prayers
October 14-16, 2022

4-H Camp Jekyll, Georgia
Contact Leshey Williams to register and for more information: leshey@unityatl.org

Youth Of Unity (Y.O.U.) (For Ages 14-18)

The Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.) is an international youth group for grades 9th-12th whose purpose is to help youth demonstrate their Christ Light. Our Youth Sponsors encourage and nurture our teen’s spiritual growth with a focus on putting spiritual principles into practical practice.

Unity Principles • Metaphysical Teachings • Spiritual Leadership Development

  • Biblical Readings
  • Prayer and Meditation
  • Opportunities to serve the community
  • Development of spiritual leadership skills
  • Weekend Retreats and Outings

Y.O.U. sponsors encourage youth leadership, fortitude, deeper spiritually exploration and an acceptance of a God guided life experience.

Y.O.U. participants attend local social outings and gatherings, plan and execute community outreach, develop fund raising plans. Y.O.U. teens have an opportunity to attend regional weekend retreats called Rally, lock-ins and trainings, spiritual leadership conferences, and International Y.O.U.  held annually at Unity Village.

What are rallies?

Rallies are youth led, weekend-long retreats that encourage fellowship as well as the sharing of ideas and experiences in the framework of Unity principles. They are spirit filled and full of love and acceptance. Teens and Sponsors alike all love attending and come back with a spiritual boost called “Rally Vibrational High”!

To attend a rally, teens must be attending Y.O.U. an average of two Sundays a month and must meet service hours requirements.  In support of the teen’s spiritual growth, the Church pays for 1/3 and the teens/parents pay for 2/3 of the rally and transportation fees.

Upcoming Y.O.U. Fall Rally – November 11-13, 2022

Join our Youth and Families Team!

Serving in the Youth and Family Ministry (YFM) at Unity Atlanta Church is awe-inspiring! Children and youth are at a time in their lives where having someone like you to walk alongside them as they journey through life’s ebbs and flows can be life altering. They appreciate someone who will learn their name, listen to their stories, and help them understand that they matter– someone who, at the end of the day, will teach and demonstrate Unity principles. Without doubt, your time and talent shape our Beloved CommUNITY.

Whatever your role, you will make a lasting impact in the lives of the children and youth at Unity Atlanta!  If interested email leshey@unityatl.org

New to our Beloved Community?   We honor and welcome you and your family!

Experience the synergy of our Beloved Community! Connect, meet other families on the path, and become an integral part of Unity Atlanta Church’s Beloved Community.

How can we serve you?  Email all youth inquiries to:  leshey@unityatl.org

Unity Atlanta Church takes the safety of our youth seriously and requires mandatory background checks for all staff and volunteers who work with youth.