• Front Row: ChieStine Lawrence, Freda Steward, Rev. Jennifer Sacks, Kim Floria
  • Back Row: Jan Gurr, Ed Hightower, Chris Cielinski, Rev. Mary Patton, Anthony Floria, Sophia Loner
  • Not Pictured: Elisha Fields, Pat Turner, Alison Walker-Grant

Prayer Chaplains

Our Prayer Chaplains provide caring support for our congregants through one-on-one and group prayer, during sacred services, in person before or after these services, as well as by phone, text, letter, and/or email. 

Prayer Chaplains also may assist with other congregational care needs, such as home and hospital visits, sharing spiritual literature, delivering meals when appropriate, and connecting with a variety of individuals and church groups.

Positive, affirmative prayer training is provided to those who wish to serve in this transformational ministry.  If you’re interested in deepening your prayer life and enhancing your spiritual growth, we invite you to consider prayer chaplaincy.

For more information, please email us at congregationalcare@unityatl.org, Subject Line: Becoming a Prayer Chaplain.