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Adult Education abounds at Unity Atlanta.
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Current Adult Education Classes

A Course in Miracles Has Moved to a Virtual Platform

All current participants will receive an email with the log in information.  New people are very welcome to join!  if you are interested, please email MWilkinson@leadstrat.com in order to receive information on how to attend. 

This course aims at removing the blocks to the awareness of loves presence. The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite.

This course can be summed up very simply:   Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.

Facilitator: Michael Wilkinson
s at 9:15 am
Chapel-Room 107 (As of 3.22.20 this course is now online)
This is an open and ongoing class.
  All are welcome.  Drop-in any time.
Books can be ordered through The Wisdom Well-Unity Atlanta
s bookstore.


Spirit Group: What If It All Goes Right?

What would it be like if you were a conscious creator in your life? If anything you imagined, you could turn into reality?  Come join us on Zoom, for a 6 part series exploring how to create a New World of Peace, Prosperity and Possibility using the conscious creative cycle.  So sign up today with a Spirit Group to get connected with a group of people to explore infinite possibilities for your life.


Required; one time registration covers all 6 events

  • Click here to register directly 
  • Registrations are accepted through Aug 3.
  • After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the series.
  • If unable to Register through the link or if you have questions, send email to UnityAtlSpiritGroups@gmail.com  requesting assistance.

July 27:  Mastering Your Inner Game
Master your mindset by using your imagination to direct your thoughts and feelings in a positive ways. Create a life you love by aligning what you think and feel with inspired action!

 Aug 3:  Awakening Your Inner Guidance
Integrate your imagination with the gift of wisdom to discern which ideas are truly yours to do. Learn how to shift your perspective to be able to respond, rather than to react in challenging circumstances.

 Aug 10:  Exploring the Paradox of Non-Attachment
Balance your vision and goals by releasing your attachment to specific outcomes; Learn to love your current reality and expand your ability to enjoy inner peace – no matter what.

 Aug 17: Creating a Reality You Love
Explore how what you hunger for can become a catalyst that motivates you to leave your comfort zone. Take inspired action to transform your dreams into reality.

 Aug 24: Practicing the What if UP Mastermind
Practice a What if UP Mastermind session within your small group. Deepen your ability to experience the gift within all situations.

 Aug 31: Experience a Global Convergence
Apply all that you have learned and experienced. Expand even bigger and broader possibilities within you, others and in the larger community. Create a positive ripple effect in our world.

The book referenced during this series is “What If It All Goes RIGHT?” by Mendhi Audlin. It is available on Amazon as paperback or ebook (Kindle), or through Audible.com as an audio book.

It is also recommended that each participant keep a journal throughout the series to use with the reflection questions at the end of each chapter of the book.



Join Licensed Unity Teachers Jan Gurr and Dianne Sluder for five weeks as they offer two separate classes in Biblical Studies. While both classes are for SEE credit, you can also take them for personal growth!   Enjoy one or take both!

Overview of Christian Scriptures (SCS 105) with Jan Gurr, LUT

Time: 10:00 am – 11:45 am

Dates:  Saturdays in August.  1st – 29th

Location: Zoom    To register for Overview of Christian Scriptures class click here.    Or you can email LUT@unityatl.org to register.  Registrations accepted through August 1st.  After August 1st, please contact the facilitator, Jan Gurr.

Love offering suggested $10/class.   SEE credit is an additional $45 through UWSI (instructions provided in syllabus)

Class Description:   Overview of Christian Scriptures (SCS 105) will explore the gospels, letters, history (Book of Acts), and apocalyptic literature (Book of Revelation).  We will dive deep into the history, culture, authors, and the meaning these scriptures had for the people of 1st century CE.  Whatever else the Christian Scriptures may be, they most definitely are the response of the writer to both the person and the message of Jesus Christ.

 Required Books:  1. Bible (New Revised Standard Version)    2. Borg, Marcus J.  Reading the Bible Again for the First Time, New York: Harper Collins, 1989.

Biblical Interpretation: Acts to Revelation (SCS 115) with Dianne Sluder, LUT

Time: 12:30 pm – 2:15 pm

Dates:  Saturdays in August.  1st – 29th

Location: Zoom    To register for Biblical Interpretation: Acts to Revelation class click here.    Or you can email LUT@unityatl.org to register.  Registrations accepted through August 1st.  After August 1st, please contact the facilitator, Dianne Sluder.

Love offering suggested $10/class.   SEE credit is an additional $45 through UWSI (instructions provided in syllabus)

Class Description:   Bible Interpretation: Acts to Revelation (SCS 115)  will explore Unity methods of interpreting the scriptures which aim to help the interpreter cultivate self-knowledge.  These methods also help the interpreter make contact with their Higher Spiritual Self, commonly called the “Christ within” and “Christ consciousness.”  Students will use maieutic and metaphysical approaches of interpretation to discover inner spiritual meanings of Christian Scriptures (Acts through Revelation)–the “New Testament.”

 Required Books:  1. Bible (New Revised Standard Version)    2. Fillmore, Charles. Metaphysical Bible Dictionary.  Unity Villiage: Unity, 1995. Available on-line at TruthUnity.net.  3. Fillmore, Charles. The Revealing Word. Unity Villiage: Unity, 2005. Available on-line at TruthUnity.net.      4. Sand Turner, Elizabeth. Be Ye Transformed.  Unity Villiage: Unity, 1969.  Available on-line at TruthUnity.net.