The Unity Atlanta Church Celebration Choir

If you would like to be a part of this amazing group, come join us for weekly rehearsals in the choir room at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays. A love of singing is all that is necessary; the ability to read music is not required.

If you want a joyful and uplifting experience making music with like-minded souls, the choir is for you!

Contact Marilyn Hopkins, Director of Music, at 770-977-1778 or

The Unity Atlanta Church Celebration Choir has a well-earned reputation for excellence and is a powerfully uplifting presence in our church. The choir presents a wide variety of selections from gospel to new thought to contemporary music, all of which deepen the spiritual experience at Sunday services.

What our choir members are saying:

“Choir is sooooo much fun! I love spending time together and singing.”

“There’s nothing more wonderful than sharing the joy of music. Marilyn is a great teacher and conductor.”

“Choir allows me to be a part of creating beauty and giving love. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

“I love to sing and I love this choir. The harmony of the choir brings me peace. I hope our voices give our congregants peace.”

 “Singing in the choir is singing with friends and family. It is spiritually inspiring and very uplifting.”

 “I believe music is truly the universal language. As a member of the choir, I delight in being able to be a vessel to deliver the message of the universe to the congregation.”

“The power of singing with others is magical! It is a prayer. It lifts the soul – mine and others!”

“I love being a part of Unity Celebration Choir. We sing a great variety of music which helps me appreciate other cultures and styles of music.”

Think about what music does for you and how it adds to our church services. If you would like to invite music into your life in a new way that is tremendously satisfying, we hope you’ll join us!

*A love of singing is all that is necessary; the ability to read music is not required.*

Questions? Contact Marilyn Hopkins, Co-Director of Music