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How We Serve

On Going

Food Drive –  We collect non-perishable food items for the YMCA facilitated Backpacks for Kids Program. Please place donations in the food chest, located in Fellowship Hall.

  • Non-perishable food, preferably snack size.
  • Examples: Tuna fish, peanut butter (plastic jars, not glass), breakfast bars, fruit cups etc.
  • These donations are lovingly packaged by the Women’s Circle and given to the Backpacks for Kids Program, a program providing food over the weekend for children from food insecure homes.
  • This programs allows children to have food over the weekend instead of having to wait for their Monday morning breakfast at school.

    We are collecting household supplies for Interfaith Outreach Home.

    Mission: The mission of IOH is to empower hardworking, homeless families through safe, affordable apartments and critical support services so they can achieve sustained self-sufficiency and stability. 

    Vision: The financial and emotional well-being of displaced, working families can improve when they have access to secure, affordable housing and support services. The goals of IOH are to keep families together, free from government assistance, and independently housed. Graduates of IOH are confident, contributing members of the larger community and armed with the tools to never be homeless again.

    We warmly invite you to join us in empowering families in crisis as they work toward a brighter future.

     Here is the list of what they need: 

    Paper towels
    Toilet Paper
    Laundry detergent
    Dryer sheets                              
    Chlorine bleach                    
    Gallon food storage bags
    Quart food storage bags          
    Sandwich bags                    
    Aluminum foil       
    13 gallon garbage bags            
    Liquid hand soap       
    Bar soap
    Feminine hygiene products          
    Under arm deodorant    
    Body lotion 
    Basic household cleaners        
    Disinfectant spray
    Cold and flu medication               
    Kleenex tissue                  
    Vick’s vapor rub
    Dish washing liquid (not for automatic dishwashers)

    Kids Hope USA

    We at Unity Atlanta are SO EXCITED to about our new “Life Together” program, in partnership with Kids Hope USA and Peachtree Elementary.

    Program Mission: To build life-changing relationships one at a time: One Child, One School, One Church.

    A uniquely equipped mentor, supported by a highly engaged prayer partner, and enabled by a scholarship provider, can change the world, one little world at a time. And our greatest resource is our capacity to share love, just by showing up.

    Life Together is life at its best. This is how Beloved Community serves.

    There are three ways to get involved.

    1. Be a mentor to a child selected by the school. This requires spending one hour a week with a child selected just for you between the hours of 10:45 and 1:15, depending on the child’s lunch period. There are many children waiting for a positive mentor in their life.
    2. Be a scholarship donor to a child and a mentor for $15.00 a month.
    3. Be a silent prayer partner for the mentor and child.

    For more information, please Unity Atlanta’s Kids hope program Director, Mary Ann Cockman. maccockman@hotmail.com, or Pam Johnson: pam@unityatl.org.