Fall Faith Program – “Interrupting Silence” God’s Command to Speak Out

When we embrace both our innate divinity and our sacred humanity, we find the courage, strength, and wisdom within us to speak – and live – the truth we are and the truth we know. With faith and assurance, we learn to connect more deeply with God, ourselves, and one another. As we speak out, we create profound opportunities to heal and transform our lives, our communities, and our world. Join us at Unity Atlanta for our Fall Faith Journey, based on Walter Bruggemann’s book, Interrupting Silence: God’s Command to Speak Out, as we follow paths of compassion, fulfillment, integrity and peace. September 23rd through November 11th. All are invited to attend. Information for each week:

FALL FAITH PROGRAM – Interrupting Silence
 Date Sermon Title Color Theme


Breaking Silence Red When we speak out, we open the way for change. In breaking silence, truth can come to light so we can be free.


Challenging Authority Blue When we remember who we are, as Divine, Beloved Creations of God, we freely speak from authority or our divinity and personal calling.


Praying Honestly Pink When we admit (confess) our failings and shortcomings, we live in integrity, freeing outselves in forgiveness, to continue healing, growing and thriving.


Claiming Inclusion Rainbow When those ‘On the fringe”/”outsiders” / “others” break their silence, they create new paths, opportunities, breakthroughs for everyone.


Mastering Faith Green When we realize that we can master our own fears and failings with our power of faith, we believe in new possibilities for healing, growing, and thriving in all areas of our lives.


Restoring Sight Orange When we dare to claim attention by requesting compassion, our healing already is at hand and we begin to see new, open pathways.


Declaring Courage Purple When we courageously, consistently, and continually speak out, we break bonds of “business as usual” so we and all others may receive justice and compassion.


Including All Red, White, Blue When formally “closed” institutions, especially churches, mosques, and synagogues, open their doors to all people unlike themselves, they expand/extend opportunities for everyone’s equity and equality.


Fall Faith Groups: