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Board of Trustees

Board Message:

General:  The Board is enthused with the direction of the ministry, world-wide outreach, community involvement and church programs.   We are proud and appreciative of such a thriving, vibrant, talented staff and congregation.

Financial:  The Board affirms that the new mortgage terms are favorable and encouraging to our financial position.   However, we remain concerned about meeting our income versus expenditure shortfall.  We are drawing down our cash reserves — savings and liquidated investment proceeds.  The projection is for these reserves to be depleted by mid-late first quarter next year.  Our goal is to increase revenues from all sources and manage spending without jeopardizing our facilities and programs.

We were able to maintain through the worst of the pandemic with the two PPP loans and EDIL. In July we resume paying our mortgage note and the deferred interest.

We wish to express our appreciation for all who are new givers, continue to give, and even increase their giving – so critical to the church’s mission and viability.

Please join us on Wednesday, August 4th for our community potluck. Please bring a dish to share that feeds 8. We will have safety protocols in place. This is a time to gather, share our gratitude and celebrate each other. 

    The Unity Atlanta Board of Trustees is a body of elected members who oversee the governance of the church. They are committed to Unity Principles and the spiritual growth of the congregation.

    Senior Minister

    Rev. Jennifer L. Sacks


    Steve Peck


    Brenda Williams


    Desiree Fauntleroy


    Stacy Joslin

    Vice President

    Rob Moran


    Steve Miller