Rev Jenn


Rev. Jennifer L. Sacks (Rev Jenn) is Senior Minister of Unity Atlanta Church, began her ministerial journey at Unity Church by the Shore, Neptune, N.J., where she served as guest speaker, small group facilitator, platform assistant, worship team leader, and prayer chaplain.  She earned a Master of Divinity from Unity Institute & Seminary in 2012.

In addition, Rev Jenn has a Master’s degree in Literature and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from American University in Washington, D.C.  She also has completed additional graduate studies in Education at St. Peter’s University in Jersey City, N.J.  She has worked as a high school English teacher, educational trainer, advocacy journalist, editor, and public relations executive.  Previously, she served as Senior Minister of Unity of Gainesville, Florida, and Unity of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Rev Jenn’s mission is to inspire and encourage others to embrace their divinity and use practical, spiritual principles to lead fulfilling, contented lives.  Rev Jenn is devoted to helping people connect with God, themselves, and one another so they transform their lives, their communities, and our world.

Rev Jenn publishes a blog, Faith for the Journey, and you can follow her at or see her on the pulpit at Unity Atlanta Church.

A Personal Note from Rev. Jenn

I’m here to inspire and encourage you to tap into the Presence of God, with you, within you, and all around you, no matter what name you use for God.  Rather, than tell you what to do or believe, I journey with you as you recognize and embrace your innate wisdom, strength, and creativity.

Being a spiritual mentor has unfolded from my own life experience.  My background is a diverse (some might say eclectic) fount of knowledge and wisdom.  While my base is in Judeo-Christian tradition, I also have studied Taoism and Buddhism, elements of which are still part of my practice, and I’ve taught Hindu and Islamic literature.  My teachers have included: Rabbi Jacob Friedman; Lama Surya Das; Meditation Master Maggie Sluyter; Rev Dr Fred Craddock, and Interfaith Minister Patricia K. Dunkin.

I enjoy connecting with people, whether in church, at the gym, at sporting events, or sharing a meal together.  On my journey, I’ve faced grief and heartbreak.  A few missteps landed me in the hell of my own creation.  But despite these, my faith and belief in the ever-abiding grace and goodness of God has been my anchor.

More than once I’ve been told that everything I’ve ever done has led me to this place.  That’s the truth.  Perhaps it’s a truth for you, too.  So, wherever you are on life’s journey, know that you are spiritually fit for a life of contentment, fulfillment, and fun.  I believe that you and all people desire and deserve to live lives we love, and I’m blessed to share this journey with you.

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