2022 Board Candidates

Stacy Joslin – Board Candidate

It’s good to meet you.  I’m Stacy–a mom, partner, wellness advocate, longtime yogi, and businessperson. A Pittsburgh native (go Steelers), I grew up professionally as a procurement lead with companies like Novartis, Citrix, and IHG. I now work as Head of Marketing for a management consulting group.

I’ve also listened to guidance that has led me to a space within the wellness community. I am a certified yoga instructor and functional medicine health coach, and for the last year have owned a little yoga studio here in Peachtree Corners called Sunny Street Yoga. I’m very proud of the community and neighborhood we’re building there.

My family and I have been a part of Unity Atlanta Church since moving to GA about three years ago, and I’m blessed to have been an alternate member of Unity’s Board of Trustees for the past year. My family and I are grateful for the community that Unity Atlanta provides, and I’m joyful to be able to support the church in this way.

My favorite and most important roles are those of wife and mom. In addition to being basically the coolest kid ever, my son Daniel (and go you may have seen in Unity productions from time to time) is simply incredible, and a daily inspiration to me. My husband Stewart, a 24-year Army veteran, retired businessman, stay-at-home dad, and de-facto “fix everything guy” at Sunny Street, has inspired me in many ways, and his perspectives have helped me significantly to grow within myself and in the world around me.

Anthony Floria – Board Candidate 

Dear Beloved Community, my name is Anthony Floria, and I am running for the 2022 Board of Trustee’s. I have been a member of Unity Atlanta since April 2019, when I relocated here from Los Angeles, California due to the birth of our first granddaughter Ella Mei.

For a while now, I have been feeling “spirit tugging” on me to join the Board. Then, I received a call from Reverend Jenn, letting me know, a little bird told her I wanted to join the Board of Trustee’s. After our discussion and her blessings, I said “Yes” to Spirit.

I had the privilege of being on previous Boards, which I served for five years. As a team player, I received a lot of experience working with different personalities and opinions that are different than mine. My sole purpose on the Board here at Unity, would be to help decide what is the best for our Beloved Community and most of all, Unity’s Atlanta future.

As a member, I am on the Care Team, a Prayer Chaplin, Member of the Men’s Group, and Facilitated the Men’s Fall Faith Series. Over the years, to help shape my Spiritual Journey, I have attended classes such as, The Disappearance of the Universe, Course in Miracles, and the Fall Faith Series.

I find Unity Principals are very important especially if my ideas are challenged. I feel, working with Principals, requires me to look deeper at my thoughts, beliefs, and actions. This allows me to accept other people and their ideas, just as God created them. When I bring prayer and love into a conflict or disagreement, this will help create a more positive outlook and experience. The things I value most in life is, my relationship God, my wife Kim who I adore, and my wonderful children.

Thank you for considering me to serve on the Board of Trustees.

Blessing and Gratitude,