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The Journey Ahead: A Sermon Series for Lent 2019

Lent is the season which prepares us for the joy of Easter.  Although we know how the Easter story ends, we transform ourselves and our lives whenever we choose to release what no longer sustains us and prepare for the fulfillment of renewal and rebirth.  As Unity Co-Founder Charles Fillmore taught, Lent is a season for spiritual growth and reflection, a time to more fully connect with God. 

Join us at Unity Atlanta each Sunday, at 8:45 AM or 11 AM, as we journey into richer spiritual understanding and the wonder of new life. 

  • March 10th: 1st Lent Sunday: “Focus Forward” – Rev. Jennifer L. Sacks
  • March 17th: 2nd Lent Sunday: “Nurture Your Passion” – Guest Speaker Gregg Levoy
  • March 24th: 3rd Lent Sunday: “Dig Down Deep” – Rev. Jennifer L. Sacks
  • March 31st: 4th Lent Sunday – Interfaith Sunday: “Light the Way” – Rabbi{?} Spiritual Leader{?} Bob Bahr and Rev. Jennifer L. Sacks
  • April 7th: 5th Lent Sunday: “Awake and Rise Again” – Rev. Jennifer L. Sacks